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The Redman Family Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit family foundation utilizing the creative works of Lenn Redman and other artists/authors/educators to support educational arts initiatives promoting Diversity, Inclusion and World Peace.


Our long term vision is to assure Lenn’s works of art, his love of teaching

and his message of world peace, be carried on for generations to come. 


The year long project with Brenau University was a great success for all involved. The art management students did an amazing job taking a portion of the collection from storage all the way through curating the very successful, 'Lenn Redman - A Retrospective of a Working Artist' exhibition. The Redman family is forever grateful to the students and university for their efforts. They provided condition reports on 250 pieces of art and artifacts and framed and exhibited 125 of those pieces. Another 750 pieces of art and artifacts remain untouched, so there are years worth of work left to fully curate the collection. 


We look forward to working with additional educational institutions that focus on caricature & animation art, the history of these art forms, art collection management and preserving & exhibiting historical collections for a global audience. Preserving this historically significant collection has been extremely rewarding. We encourage you to volunteer and to assist by donating generously to the Foundation.

Though incorporated, the foundation has not yet received its 501c3 status. Consequently donations made today are not tax deductible.   We appreciate your support of the Foundation at this stage of its development and look forward to your continued contributions as we gain non-profit status. If you’re interested in working with us or would like to support the foundation, please contact us.

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